One of the greatest struggles Christians have is maintaining their devotional life.   This website is devoted to helping people get in the Word to encounter God every day. The mission of Lectio Divina is simple: Make it simple for anyone who can read at a sixth-grade level to read through the Bible in one year, and do it in just ten minutes a day!

Lectio divina (divine reading) is an ancient approach to Scripture that emphasizes reading the Bible as God’s Word to us.   In the daily devotions, the lectio divina section is a mediation, a means of conveying the substance and message of the Scripture readings and their relevance to daily life.   Reading scripture must not only increase our knowledge of the Bible, it must increase our delight in God and bring transformation to our lives.   Those seeking to enhance their prayer life alongside the development of a regular Bible study habit will find specific guidance in the How to Pray section.


There are two parts to the daily devotions, Scripture reading and Scripture mediation. The readings will follow an ancient format known as lectio continua (continuous reading of the text) beginning in Genesis and continuing through Revelation with daily readings from both testaments.   In addition, selections of key passages from the daily readings will be listed under the heading lectio semi-continua so that those persons who cannot read the entire passage for the day will be able to read a portion of the text.   This is an ancient practice known as lectio semi-continua (semi-continuous reading).


F. Lionel Young

Lionel is passionate about teaching the Word.

He believes the Bible was written to bless us. His 30 years of ministry have been devoted to teaching through the Bible verse-by-verse so that people can understand God’s Word and apply it to their lives.

Lionel is the author of  A New Kind of Missionary, a popular introduction to global Christianity.

He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Stirling (Scotland), a Th.M. from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School (Illinois), a M.Div. from Grace Theological Seminary (Indiana) and a B.A. from Grace College (Indiana).