March 10 | Daily Devotion

Lectio Continua: a continuous reading of every verse

Lectio Semi-continua: shorter reading selections from the passages

Lectio Divina

“There, in the presence of the Lord your God, you and your families shall eat and rejoice in everything you have put your hand to, because the Lord your God has blessed you.” ~Deuteronomy 12:7

As Israel’s history is recapped for the benefit of the upcoming generation, one theme takes center stage. Woven into each story, from the exodus to the entrance into the land of promise, is the call to love God wholeheartedly. Moses emphasizes the need to share the stories of the people, in part because the youngest members of the Israelite community have not seen and experienced all that their parents and grandparents have. Tell the children what God has done! Describe for them how great He is! Make God the hero!

As is so often the case, what is good for the ancient worshipping community is good for the modern community, too. It is impossible to overemphasize how important the weekly ritual of worship is for the church of today. (In fact, our weekly gatherings may not be enough! Ancient worshippers added to their worship calendar the celebration of God and His blessings at special festive occasions throughout the year.) Not only do our worship gatherings remind us that God is the source of all things, these weekly events speak to our children. Imagine the messages about God they internalize when we set aside other tasks and commitments to make worship a joyful priority. What do they learn when we sing? When we give back a portion of our blessing? When we listen to the Word (again)? Inevitably, they will ask why we spend time in church and among believers, why we serve, and give, and listen, so we must be prepared to tell God-stories. We can explain what He has done in our life, how He saved us and has protected and provided for us. In this way, the next generation will be encouraged to worship the God who sets before them the choice between a blessing and a curse (Deut. 11:26-32). May our children choose to be blessed by doing everything God has commanded His people to do!

Lectio Divina  is written by F. Lionel Young III, who serves as the senior pastor of  Calvary Church  in Valparaiso, Indiana. He is the author of  A New Kind of Missionary, a popular introduction to global Christianity.