March 6 | Daily Devotion

Lectio Continua: a continuous reading of every verse

Lectio Semi-continua: shorter reading selections from the passages

Lectio Divina

“The Lord your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands. He has watched over your journey through this vast desert.” ~Deuteronomy 2:7

We now arrive at the fifth book (or chapter) of the Law. The Hebrew title is literally translated “these are the words” of Moses. The title we know, Deuteronomy, is Greek and means “second law” or “repetition of the law.” Deuteronomy is one large sermon in which Moses reiterates the Israelite’s responsibility to effectively demonstrate love for God and each other. God’s motive for repeating the law is to ensure His people remember that when they obey Him, He blesses them. Throughout the book, as is evidenced in the first 2 chapters, Moses reminds the people of their past in order to instruct them on living well in the present and the future.

One of the primary reasons God wrote a book was to remind His people of the lessons of the past (1 Cor. 10:1-13). We are warned against the Israelite’s rebellious ways because their temptations are also our own. We are encouraged by God’s faithfulness to His people. We are strengthened through our understanding of His motives, His love, and His desire to bless us and bring success. He is for us! What is more, God’s Word instructs us and lays out His expectations for His people. But we have a problem with forgetting, don’t we? Which is why we need to be in the Word on a regular basis. It is why we need the encouragement of the community (Heb. 10:22-25). And why we need to gather weekly for worship, where we learn new things and hear again the things that help us live wisely and well. We need to be reminded of who God is, of what He has done, and what He expects of us.

In the Christian life, there is always the need to look back on the ancient past and our own personal past. Not in order to dwell on what once was, but so that we may live well in the present! Glancing in the rearview mirror of our life and of our faith helps us to steer a better course into the future. The land of promise, a life rich with blessing, is up ahead for those who listen, learn, and apply the lessons of the past.

Lectio Divina  is written by F. Lionel Young III, who serves as the senior pastor of  Calvary Church  in Valparaiso, Indiana. He is the author of  A New Kind of Missionary, a popular introduction to global Christianity.