July 8 | Daily Devotion

Lectio Continua: a continuous reading of every verse

Lectio Semi-continua: shorter reading selections from the passages

Lectio Divina

“Who is this that obscures my plans with words without knowledge? Brace yourself like a man; I will question you, and you shall answer me.” ~Job 38:2-3

The “play” reaches its most anticipated moment—God speaks at last. We watch in rapt anticipation, longing for Job to receive his answer. We want God to talk about the day He bragged on Job to the devil, who accused the loyal servant of loving God for all the wrong reasons. However, God doesn’t tell all. Instead, He gives Job (and his friends) a grand tour of creation. This is the poetic equivalent of a Discovery Channel highlight reel, one intense flyover after another of earth, rivers, mountains, animals, and forests. It’s beautiful, mind-blowing even. But, really, what kind of answer is this?

I was on a short safari in East Africa a few years ago in a place where the Maasai Mara merges with the Serengeti. I had been there before, but I had forgotten just how beautiful this span of God’s creation really was. As our small plane glided to the landing strip, I peered out the window and laid eyes on what God had made. Elephants grazing in the grassy savannahs, hippos playing in the Mara River, and giraffes foraging in date palms. Zebra roaming in the wild, and topi (African antelope) standing like sentinels watching for lions. I looked out the window and said, Wow! For two full days, from beautiful African sunrise to breath-taking African sunset, I simply said, Wow!

Sometimes God just wants us to say wow. And that’s actually His lesson for Job. God doesn’t always explain why He is doing what He is doing. Why did God move me here? Why has God left me in this place? Why did God take away my husband or my child? Why did God allow this painful divorce? Why did God allow me to lose my job? Why did God allow my son or daughter to get into so much trouble? Why did God allow my friend to move away? We have a million questions, but there are times when Why? needs to give way to Wow!  There are moments when God points us to the amazing beauty in the world and says, “You are part of this, and I’m doing some incredibly amazing things right now that are difficult to explain. Right now you must trust Me. Right now, even though it is difficult, you must come to the place where you can say Wow!” We aren’t always going to get our answers in a timeframe that suits us. Instead, we may get redirected with a reminder that wondering what God is up to sometimes must give way to worship of the God of all glory, who is good and wise and full of wonders.

Lectio Divina is written by F. Lionel Young III, who serves as the senior pastor of Calvary Church in Valparaiso, Indiana. He is the author of A New Kind of Missionary, a popular introduction to global Christianity.